Our Story


Newfound is a California based feel-good company. Launched by 1 friend + 2 brothers with the core belief that superfoods are superior (imagine that!)

As guys who eat food and use things on a regular basis, they realized that oils are in everything - food, skin care products, soaps, shampoo, vitamins and more. They realized that not all oils are made equal.

These 3 dudes decided to cut the crap and create products with only the best oils. With a built-in passion for produce, they took a handful of often overlooked superfoods and uncovered each of their unique untapped potential. In pursuit of living our best life, Newfound is on a mission to rid shelves of toxic oils and make feeling-good easy and fun with a complete line of superfood products.

Join our revolution, do some good and feel your best.

Tap into your #NewFound potential